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Dance shows by our partner company Stepflix

Some people say flamingo dancing when they are referring to the most recognized Spanish dancing: Flamenco. Regardless of that, if you are looking for world-class Flamenco dancers in Miami, waiting for them to look like flamingos dancing, we are what you are looking for to make your next event one to remember!

Spicy is not only on sauces; it also makes a Salsa music dance an amazing one when you see some dancers performing it.

Bachata dancers are kings and queens of sensuality and intimacy. Can you think of an event where a Bachata Dance show could be the star to amaze? What about a Bachata sensual dance as a wedding gift or starting point for a love night with your couple?

Most big Turkish celebrations are not complete without a belly dancer. So, can you imagine what your event would be without one? In Turkey, a belly dancer is a fixture of weddings: elegant, full of jewelry, and stunning costumes; she is a sample of fertility and love, and as it’s related to births, that’s why it’s also perfect for a birthday party, the yearly remembering of life. For sure, you and your guests will get excited with the magic experienced when you hire a private belly dancer, a real artist of professional sensual dancing!

Do you have a loved one who wishes they’d be in the right place at the right time to witness a flash mob? Well we’re here to shake your days up one flash mob at a time. Experience the thrill of disguised dancers who suddenly assemble to perform a choreography and then quickly disappear! Activate your brand and impact your audience with a flash mob! Our team will design, create and produce what you need, while our video production team will capture it all.

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